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Esztergom is the Capital of the Danube Bend, the cradle of our Christian state and history. As a tourist, one is immersed in the captivating moments of our past, and as the city is headed to the future, its present-day facilities provide an opportunity for unparalleled rest and relaxation.

Our history can be felt and lived in almost every corner of the city. A series of monuments and legacies testify to the greatness of our city in the past. The foundations of our city are also the foundations of our national existence and identity.

The geography of Esztergom provides an outstanding number of opportunities for those who choose active recreation. The proximity of our mountains and waters gives endless variation for relaxation in nature.

The developing, modern city, in accordance with today's expectations, provides space for community life, encompasses cultural events, which are also the basis for the meaningful pastime of visitors.

Sights, program opportunities

Due to the past and present of Esztergom, it awaits its visitors with plenty of sights and program opportunities. Walking and looking around anywhere in the city, you can always find some interesting monuments of past significance. Of course, it’s also possible to spend meaningful time in a planned and pre-organized way.


Esztergom is lucky, as it awaits those interested with historical, sacral, art and natural history museums.

The Basilica and the Castle are the two most important sights of Esztergom, which we would recommend as a program based on their location and importance. Both venues together with several of their interior details form an adventurous sight and captivating experience.

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