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Municipal Government

Municipal Government

20. május 01. 09:33 péntek

The foundations of the current operation of the Municipality of Esztergom were laid after the free municipal elections held on 30 September and 14 October 1990.

Since then, seven municipal elections have been held in Hungary. The latest election was held on October 13, 2019. As the result of the elections, the head of the Municipality of Esztergom became Mayor Ádám Hernádi (with a result of 58.28%).

Norbert Schottner is the city’s clerk and, according to the law, the administrative head of the Mayor's Office.

The city council of Esztergom consists of 14 members, and due to the location of Esztergom-Kertváros, there is also a part-municipality working in the neighborhood. The competence and scope of operation of the Esztergom Joint Municipal Government Office also extends to the territory of the village of Dömös.

Within the framework of the law, the local government, on its own responsibility, independently regulates and manages local public affairs within its tasks and competence. The municipal government performs obligatory and voluntary tasks while managing public affairs. Taking care of the obligatory tasks is the duty of all local governments, regardless of their size or bearing capacity. In practice, this means that all municipalities must ensure that residents have access to the services listed in the law.

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