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Strigonium Ltd.

Strigonium Ltd.

20. május 01. 08:44 péntek

Strigonium Ltd. - as a company owned 100% by the Municipality of Esztergom - is one of the key players in the economic life of the city. The activities of the Company and its member companies are wide-ranging, the aim of which is to perform high-quality urban management tasks and to develop the city.

The activities of Strigonium Ltd. and its member companies include the management of municipally owned properties, the maintenance of city-owned green spaces, roads, playgrounds, parks, the operation of city cemeteries, the operation of the parking system and the Danube ports. The company is also an active participant in industrial park and urban developments for tourism.

The mission of Strigonium Ltd. is to ensure the performance of city management tasks at a high level in accordance with the objectives set by the Municipality of Esztergom and to contribute to the development of the city's economy.

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